General Conditions for users of Open Space Company

Any information Open Space Company communicates via the website and through other electronic ways such as email and all software and tools and links to other sites or products featured are used at your own risk. There is no guarantee that the information is correct.
Open Space Company shall not be liable for any damage from the using this website or the use of advice from this website in general and the ideas and comments of other users.
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All information, including advice, ideas, opinions, comments and / or instructions, is not necessarily supported by Open Space Company.
Open Space Company is not in any way guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information on Open Space Company and / or other electronic communications such as emails, and therefore accepts no liability for damage of any nature whatsoever, resulting from actions and / or decisions based on the information provided.
Open Space Company is not liable or responsible for contacts, contracts or services between parties that may evolve via this site.
Terms for customers/users of Open Space Company
1. Purpose and validity of the General Conditions
1a These General Conditions apply to all contracts and services between the Open Space Company and its customers and to all offers which Open Space Company does.
2. Terminology
2a If in this agreement refers to "customer", then refers to a natural or legal person in whose name an order is placed at Open Space Company and / or using the services of Open Space Company.
2b A "payment period" is the period for which a customer has paid an amount. Pay Periods occur only in products and services that are not disposable. Under paragraph 8 and 9g in these Terms, the term "payment period" discussed further.
2c Open Space Company is a concept of Lars Rengersen and Bas Kloppenborg and management is in the hands of Monito BV.
3. Terms of customer are excluded
The applicability of any purchase or other conditions of the customer is explicitly excluded.
4. Rights
4a to all agreements between Open Space Company and the customer and all offers of Open Space Company to the Customer are governed by Dutch law.
4b All disputes arising from the agreements mentioned in the preceding paragraph and offers will be submitted to a competent court in the region Deventer, unless Open Space Company chooses to submit a dispute to another competent court.
5. Correspondence
5a All correspondence is via email, including any invoices and payment reminders.
5b The customer is obliged to provide an email address to Open Space Company where he can receive mail, changes should immediately be implemented in the way Open Space Company prescribes.
5c Mail is sent to the email address of the customer is deemed to have arrived.
6. Ownership
6a All rights of intellectual or industrial property rights to all under an agreement developed or supplied equipment, software or other materials rests with Open Space Company or its licensor(s). Customer acquires a license to use our services.
6b material that is supplied by the customer shall remain property of the customer, unless otherwise expressly agreed.
7. Third Party Rights
Customer warrants that the input to Open Space Company shall not in any way infringe any rights of third parties. This includes (but is not limited to): used photos and content.
8. Payment Periods
A payment period is the period for which a customer pays for an amount. An agreement between the customer and Open Space Company is contracted for the payment period of one year. After the expiry of that period, the agreement automatically renewes for the same pay period, unless the customer before the start of the new period has terminated. The customer is not explicitly informed of the extension. The new payment period begins on the first day after the current pay period has ended. Sake of completeness it should be mentioned that payment periods do not apply to one-off products and services.
9. Invoices
9a By placing an order, a customer automatically agrees to receive invoices for download in the dashboard. Invoices are not mailed.
9b Complaints about invoices within 14 days of availability of the invoice to be submitted.
9c After the expiry of the period mentioned in 9b, the customer is deemed to have accepted the invoice.
9d If customer acts on behalf or under an association, foundation or company acts, the customer will always be held personally liable for outstanding invoices, if circumstances indicate that the customer at the time of provision of the contract / order was not competent to acting on behalf of the entity for which the agreement was entered into / the order was placed, or if the legal person on whose behalf it is signed, waives its obligation to pay.
9e Permanent services, including, but not limited to spaces are becoming automatically renewed. That rule may be waived in special cases, eg if a payment is. If a customer wants a product to stop, you can do so at any time. Refunds will only be made if the cancellation is done before the dawning of a new pay period. The customer is obliged to the new invoice if, after the commencement of the new payment period has terminated.
9f Invoices must be paid on time. If the full invoice amount after the due date is not received by the payment provider of Open Space Company, the customer is automatically in default without a formal notice of default being required.
9g If Customer is in default, he is on the outstanding amount an interest equal to the statutory interest. Also the collection costs amount to 15% of the outstanding amount with a minimum of 200 euros (say two hundred euros).
9h In case Open Space Company to incur costs for the asset to be recovered and that cost will exceed the amount that is listed in the preceding paragraph, the customer is the excess shall also be payable to Open Space Company.
9i Open Space Company is at all times entitled to suspend the service or discontinue, whether this product is unusable, if the customer fails to abide by the request for payment. Any resumption of service will take place after the full outstanding amount is paid, including extra costs.
10. Suspension / cessation services
10a Open Space Company reserves the right to service in respect of the customer to suspend or discontinue for non-or late payment and / or breach of the General Conditions.
10b Suspension or cessation of service releases the customer from his obligation to pay the outstanding invoice(s) to Open Space Company
10c In case of suspension and / or termination of any services because of violation of one or more rules in these General Conditions, Open Space Company will never pay any compensation or refund.
11. Right to refuse service
Open Space Company has the right, in its sole discretion to refuse or cancel services.
12. Indemnification
12a By placing a free or paid order the customer indemnifies Open Space Company of all prosecutions, fines, and so forth, which could result from placing the order and the activities arising therefrom.
12b Client indemnifies Open Space Company from any liability for any failure to timely and / or inaccurate capture, extend, requests or registering a product, such as, but not limited to, spaces and (shortened) links.
13. Price changes
If Open Space Company changes the price of a continuous product, as specified in paragraph 9e, and the customer does not agree; during the period for which payment is already done by the customer, the customer will be given the time to find another provider or another product, with a minimum of 3 months. Until then he will pay the old price.
14. Modification of the General Conditions
Open Space Company is at all times entitled to change the General Conditions without directly informing the customer. Publication on the website of Open Space Company is therefore adequate. It is up to Open Space Company to determine whether the change is also directly communicated to the customer.
15. Resolutive conditions
Open Space Company is entitled to terminate the contract without notice or judicial intervention if:
- The bankruptcy of the customer or is pronounced;
- Customer has jurisdiction over (part of) its ability to lose by seizure or some other cause;
- Open Space Company has reasonable grounds to doubt the ability of the customer to (time) to his obligations;
- Customer contravenes one or more of these conditions.
19. Disclaimer
Open Space Company is not responsible for any damage which the customer may suffer. Open Space Company makes no warranties for damages resulting from the use of its services. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of data that results from delays, non-arrival, or wrong delivery, and any disruption of services caused by Open Space Company and its staff.